Research Focus


Project Title: Development of novel molecular diversity and chemopreventive tools in Moringa Oleifera.

Collaborating Staff:

  1. Dr. A Onasanya – Coordinator
  2. Dr. A.A Ojo
  3. Dr. P.A Okiki
  4. Dr. O.O Oyelakin
  5. Mr. B.O Adewal


  • To develop effectives genetic markers for different chemopreventive propertives of  Moringa oleifera.
  • To increase growers and end-users knowledge of Moringa oleifera chemopreventive properties and management.

Project Title: Biological evaluation of the Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera).

Collaborating Staff:

  1. S.N Utulu –Coordinator
  2. A.A Ojo
  3. P.A Okiki
  4. (Mrs) F. Bamigboye


  • To determine the optimum field spacing that would sustain monocropping and intercropping systems.
  • To successfully grow from seed abundant transplantable seedlings.
  • To evolve crop husbandry practices for Moringa oleifera.

 Project Title:Exploration of Medicinal Plants in Nigeria for drug production.

 Collaborating Staff:

  1. B.A Oso – Lead Researcher
  2. P.A Okiki
  3. Tolu Ogunnusi
  4. J.O Sanya


  • To identify medicinal plants and the ailments they are used for by the native doctors and the local people.
  • To obtain crude extracts of these plants in the laboratory and test them against the microorganisms causing these diseases.
  • To analyse and identify the active ingredients in these extracts that can be patented and targeted as candidate molecules for therapeutic purpose.

Project Title:Analysis of soils from mineral mining sites in Nigeria for presence of Lead and other toxic heavy metals and their effects on the health of the miners and the neighbouring communities.

 Collaborating Staff:

  1. B.A Oso – Lead Researcher
  2. Ogundana
  3. Tolu Ogunnusi


To take an inventory of all the mining sites in Nigeria.

To visit the mining sites and discuss with miners their experience and health status.

To collect soil samples from the mining sites for analysis for lead and other toxic heavy metals.

To treat the soil samples in-vitro in the laboratory with a bioremediating agent by Prof. B.A Oso.

To treat a portion of the contaminated soil in-situ at the mining sites with the bioremediating agent.

To alert the miners, the communities and governments on our findings and the necessary precautions to be taken to protect the life of the people. This is to prevent the type of poisoning that claimed many lives in Zamfara State.

To publish journals articles periodically on our findings.

At the conclusion of the project, to publish a book detailing our observations, the distribution of the mines in the country, the types of minerals being mined, the health risks, the casualties, necessary precautions to be taken and the need for the remediation of the environments.


Recycling of used Nylon Bags

Construction of a mini- factory for the recycling of used pure water satchets and nylon bags. This is aimed at ridding our environments of the menace of these non-biodefradable materials that form the bulk of solid wastes in the country. It will also generate funds for the university. Before I joined ABUAD my team constructed one for the Lagos State Government in a UNDP assisted programme in Lagos.


 Project Title: Neurobehavioral effect of Moringa extract in mice.

 Collaborating Staff:

  1. D.C Ajonijebu – Coordinator
  2. A.O Omoagbe
  3. O. O Olubiyi
  4. T.D Fabiyi
  5. O.F Olagunju
  6. C.O Akintayo
  7. J. Oni
  8. K.O Oyediji
  9. J.O Sanya


  • To identify the most active ingredient in Moringa leaf that can be patented and targeted as candidate molecule for therapeutic purpose.
  • To increase the medicinal values of the plant extract and weigh its possible side effects.

Project Title:An investigation of the nutritional, biochemical neurophysiological and memory enhancing properties of a native herb (Peperomia pellucida) in adolescent mice.

 Collaborating Staff:

  1. Philip A. Adeniyi –Coordinator
  2. O.M Ogundele
  3. I. Ogundipe
  4. K.A Ajayi
  5. R.Y Akele
  6. A.A Olabiyi
  7. B.P Olatunji


To investigate the chemical components of the native variety of P. pellucida in Ekiti State.

To investigate the neurophysiological effects of the native variety of the plant in adolescent mice.

To evaluate the nutritional value and memory enhancing potentials of the plants.

Project Title:  NMDAR 1/p 75LNGER as polarizing agents in Neuronal Circuit formation in C. Elegans Model (Model Mechanism of synaptic Denervation in Parkinsonism)


Dr. O.M Ogundele


NMDAR1 and p75LNGER are important receptors necessary for neuronal differentiation in neurogenesis, cell polarization, migration, neurite differentiation and neuronal maturation in the adult system. This study seeks to determine the role(s) of these receptors in the process of neurite differentiation and circuit formation in C.Elegans.

 Project Title:Reducing the menace of Missionary Maternity Homes, MMHS in Nigeria.

 Collaborating Staff

  1. Dr. Ogundipe Laofe – Coordinator
  2. Mr. Owoseni Joseph
  3. Mr. Egbeyemi Kayode
  4. Mrs. Adegbilero –Iwari, S


  • To estimate the presence of Missionary Maternity Homes in Ekiti.
  • To measure the contribution of Missionary Maternity Homes to maternal and neonatal deaths.
  • To assess the suitability and capability of using MMHs to meet demand for health care delivery.


  1. Civil Engineering Department

 Project Title: Development of a Predictive Groundwater Simulation Technique for the weathered and fractured Basement Rock.

 Collaborating Staff:

  1. Prof. S.O Oyegoke – Coordinator
  2. Staff and Students of the Engineering Department

 Collaborating Institutions:

  1. Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Lagos.
  2. Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, The University of Witwaterstrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  3. School of Engineering, University of Mississippi, U.S.A.
  4. Water Corporation, Ekiti State, Ado-Ekiti.


  • To provide an accurate estimate of groundwater yield from different aquifers under different exploration conditions within the weathered and fractured basements complex prevalent in Ekiti and adjacent states.
  • To provide an accurate predictive ground-water simulation model that is well suited for ground water yield estimation in the weathered and fractured basement complex under various conditions of exploration and usage.

 Electrical Engineering Department

Project Title: Design and Implementation of computational products for iris-based verification system and localized interaction interfaces with 4G optimization capabilities.


Collaborating Staff:

  1. Prof. Olowolafe, J.O – Coordinator
  2. Electrical/Electronics and Computer Engineering Department Staff.


Collaborating Institutions

  1. Omateck Ltd or ORLG Ltd
  2. Google Inc. Nigeria
  3. Alt-I or Linguistics Department, University of Ibadan.



  • To develop, implement, evaluate and validate an iris-based biometric system for examination verification purpose in ABUAD.
  • To produce hand – held devices for designing and simulation 4GLTE network using OPNET within ABUAD and environs.


 Prof. B.A. Oso

Director of Research