Regulations for the award of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Pharmacology

  1. Degree in View

Bachelor of Science

  1. Duration of Course

Four years

  1. Admission Requirements

The requirements are as listed hereunder:

(a)        Candidate must satisfy the prescribed minimum requirements for admission into degree programme of the College.

(b)        Candidates must have five credit passes in the Senior School Certificate or its        equivalent in:

(i)         English Language

(ii)        Biology

(iii)       Chemistry

(iv)       Mathematics

(v)        Physics

(vi)       And any one of the following Economics, Geography and Agric Science at one sitting.


English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology


(a) Regime of Subject Knowledge

The graduate of the programme are expected to have acquired:

(a) Working knowledge of sources of drugs and drug information

(b) Knowledge and skills in understanding mechanisms of action ofdrug how drug works in the body

(c ) Understanding of careful selection and testing of drugs and naturalproducts before application in medicine

(d) Understanding of basic techniques in the pharmacologicalinvestigations of drugs and natural products.

(e) A broad knowledge of issues in drug control and in ourenvironment.

The product of the programme should develop skills covering written andoral communication in teaching, in carrying out practical and training ofother health scientists who may desire knowledge in the area of drugdevelopment and management.

  1. b) Competencies and Skills

The graduate of the programme shall be able to

(a) Render community service in the proper use of drugs

(b) Render service on proper evaluation of our natural products thatmay be use in treatment of different diseases

(c) Perform simple laboratory investigations on the action or in actionof any medical products and be able to carry out basicpharmacological screening.

(d) Use evidence – based pharmacological investigations to certify ofdrugs and natural products

(e) Interpret medical inserts and marketing and post marketingsurveillance


  1. c) Behaviorial Attributes

The graduate of the programme shall be junior pharmacologists who havebasic knowledge about scope of drug action and the pharmacological andtherapeutic use of drugs and natural products. The graduate is thereforewell equipped to offer services in research institutes, drug companies,universities and other areas of health sciences research.

The Programme:

  1. A programme of study shall be provided leading to the award of bachelor’s degree to be denoted by letters B.Sc. which shall be awarded with honours or as a pass degree.
  2. Instruction shall be by courses, both within and outside the Department. Candidates will be required to register for a combination of courses as recommended by the Board of the Faculty and approved by Senate.
  3. Course shall be evaluated in terms of course units.
  4. From 200 level each students shall be assigned to lecturers for mentoring in experimental research with focus on solving societal problems, filling knowledge gaps and publishing quality peer-reviewed articles.
  5. There shall be four levels of course number 101-199; 201-299; 301-399; 401-499.
  6. Course members shall be prefixed by the letter “PHA”.
  7. The normal number of semesters for the award of honours degree shall be eight.

Award of Degree:

            (a)        The degree of Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology) will be awarded  with honours provided the candidate obtains a Cumulative Grade Point  Average of not less than 1.7 or take more than 12 semesters but not more than 16 semesters shall be awarded a Pass Degree.

(b)        The cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) shall be used for the determination of the class of degree.


(a)        Grades to be used for the candidates who satisfactorily complete the requirements of a course by the end of the semester are:

Letter Grade Grade Point Mark
A 5 70-100
B 4 60-69
C 3 50-59
D 2 45-49
E 1 40-44
F 0 0-39
  • The class of the degree of a candidates who has successfully completed his/her course of studies shall be determined as follows:
Cumulative Class of Degree
4.5-5.0 1 = First Class
3.5-4.49 2 = Second Class Upper
2.5-3.49 2 = Second Class Lower
1.5-2.49 3 = Third Class
  • The list of successful candidates shall be published with the following classification: First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (Upper and Lower Division) and Third Class Honours with the names arranged alphabetically.