The ABUAD Research and Innovation Committee was established as part of the efforts to promote the spirit of enquiry, academic research, innovation and research training at ABUAD.  In order to fulfil one of its numerous mandates, it is vital for the Committee to organize an annual international research conference and career fair for the students. The Committee wish to propose that 2022 edition of the conference will come up in June 2022.

The proposed theme for the conference is “Shaping the future through the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Scholars will be invited to present their innovations and research on one or more areas of the Sustainable Development Goals under the following sub-themes:


  1. The green economy and biodiversity in Nigeria
  2. Sustainable and renewable energy system
  3. Digital technologies for food production and security
  4. AI, robotics, cloud computing and big data applications for mining, chemicals, food processing and manufacturing.
  5. Sustainable Microbial biotechnology for production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  6. Sustainable process-product development through green chemistry
  7. Mathematical, probabilistic and statistical models in sustainable data-driven economy
  8. The role of corporate governance and transparency in building strong institutions
  9. Universal health coverage: a roadmap to good health in Nigeria global pandemic, public health and the law
  • SUGGESTED DATES: Coming soon

Conference- June, 2022.

  • PROPOSED VENUE- Alfa Begore, Owolabi Hall, PTCF, College Auditoriums and selected classrooms
  • AGENDA (3-days)-

            DAY 1- Arrival of guests and registration, opening ceremony, Lead paper presentation,    first scientific plenary, Session, conference break-up session.

             DAY 2- Lead paper presentation,Second scientific plenary session, conference break-     up session, poster presentations, Scientific forum, Planetarium visits,

            DAY 3- Conference break-up sessionsand Conference Dinner

            DAY 4- Departure

  • TARGET PARTICIPANTS: Academic staff of higher institutions of learning, institutional/ independent researchers, postgraduate and final year students