Team 1

Prof. B. A. Oso – Lead Researcher

Dr P. A. Okiki

Dr Tolu Ogunnusi

Dr. J. O. Sanya

 Project Title: Exploration of Medicinal Plants in Nigeria for drug production

Team 2

Prof. B. A. Oso – Lead Researcher

Mr. Ogundana

Dr Tolu Ogunnusi

 Project Title: Analysis of soils from mineral mining sites in Nigeria for presence of Lead and other toxic heavy metals and their effects on the health of the miners and the neighbouring communities

Team 3

Dr A. Onasanya  - Coordinator

Dr. A. A. Ojo

Dr P. A. Okiki

Dr. O.O. Oyelakin

Mr. B. O. Adewale

Project Title: Development of novel molecular diversity and chemopreventive tools Moringa oleifera

 Team 4

Dr. S. N. Utulu  - Coordinator

Dr. A. A. Ojo

Dr P. A. Okiki

Dr (Mrs) Bamigboye

 Project Title: Biological evaluation of the Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera)

Team 5

Mr. D. C. Ajonijebu  - Coordinator

Dr. A. O. Omoagbe

Mr. O. O. Olubiyi

Miss T. D. Fabiyi

Mrs O. F. Olagunju

Mr. C. O. Akintayo

Mr. J. Oni

Dr. G. S. Adeleye

Dr. K. O. Oyedeji

Dr. J. O. Sanya

Project Title: Neurobehavioral effect of Moringa extract in mice

Team 5

Dr. Phillip A. Adeniyi – Coordinator

Dr. O. M. Ogundele

Dr. G. S. Adeyeye

Dr. L. Ogundipe

Mr. K. A. Ajayi

Mr. R. Y. Akele

Mr. A. A. Olabiyi

Mr. B. P. Olatunji

Project Title: An investigation of the nutritional, biochemical, neurophysiological and memory enhancing properties of a native herb (Peperomia pellucida) in adolescent mice.

Team 6

Dr Laofe Ogundipe – Coordinator

Mr. Joseph Owoseni

Mr. Kayode Egbeyemi

Mrs. S. Adegbilero-Iwari

Project Title: Reducing the menace of Missionary Maternity Homes, MMHS in Nigeria

Team 7

Dr O. M. Ogundele

Project Title: NMDAR 1/p 75LNGER as polarizing agents in Neuronal Circuit formation in C. Elegans Model (Model Mechanism of Synaptic Denervation in Parkinsonism)

Team 8

Prof S. O Oyegoke – Coordinator

Staff and Students of the Civil Engineering Department, ABUAD

Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, UniLAG

Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, The University of Witwaterstrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

School of Engineering, University of Mississippi, USA

Water Corporation, Ado – Ekiti, Ekiti State

 Project Title: Development of a Predictive Groundwater Simulation Technique for the Weathered and Fractured Basement Rock

Team 9

Prof J. O. Olowolafe – Coordinator

Electrical & Electronics and Computer Engineering Department Staff, ABUAD

Omateck Ltd or RLG Ltd

Google Inc, Nigerian

Alt-I or Linguistics Department, University of Ibadan

 Project Title: Design and Implementation of Computational products for iris-based verification system and localized interaction interfaces with 4G optimization capabilities.

 Team 10

Dr. Titus K. Olaniyi – Coordinator

Mr James Akinyoola

Mr Agbor Esoso

 Project Title: Biogas Energy

 Team 11

Emmanuel Oluwatosin Adegbite

 Project Title: Therapeutic Measures against the Current Virulent Endemicity of Ebola Virus