ABUAD College of Pharmacy Offers Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D)

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) Programme

The College of Pharmacy started as a Faculty in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) following approval by the University Senate in August 2019. In line with the National Universities Commission (NUC) and Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) policies and regulations on the establishment of Pharmacy programme, the six-years Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) Programme in ABUAD was given approval by NUC in January 2020 to start admission from 2019/2020 session. The Faculty attained its autonomous College status in February 2022 as approved by the University Senate; thus becoming the first full-fleshed accredited College of Pharmacy in Nigeria.

With the philosophy to produce pharmacy graduates who appreciate the value of dignity of labour and life, and are problem solvers, self-reliant, highly productive and globally relevant in every sphere of human endeavour, especially in the practice of pharmacy, the College intends to be a leading College of Pharmacy of academic excellence in pharmaceutical sciences with pre-eminence in promotion of good health and wellness of individuals and communities through innovative Pharmacy education and value adding research.


Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D)

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About the College of Pharmacy, Afe Babalola University, Ado - Ekiti (Nigeria)


The College is made up of seven departments namely:

  1. Clinical Pharmacy and Public Health
  2. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
  3. Pharmacognosy and Natural Products
  4. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
  5. Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology
  6. Pharmacology and Toxicology and
  7. Social and Administrative Pharmacy.

Each of these Departments has sufficient and modern equipment and instruments, including ICT facilities for teaching and research. The state-of-the-art S.E. Bogoro Research Centre in the University complements the training opportunities in herbal medicine discovery and production. In addition to the University Main Library, the College has a well-equipped modern library with adequate sitting capacity for pharmacy students. Complemented with the CMHS and College of Science Libraries.


  1. With COVID-19 ravaging and highly advanced economies exhibiting bare-faced vaccine nationalism, ABUAD Founder and Chancellor commissioned a study led by Pharmacy College to research indigenous solutions th rough cutting-edge research, innovation and product development. Indeed, ABUAD Herbal Virucidine Liquid was produced which is a triple action therapy; targeting viral invasion, intracellular multiplication and hyperinflammatory episodes associated with severe COVID-19.
  2. Within two years of commencement of academic activities in the College (initially Faculty), the magnificent College of Pharmacy Building Complex was commissioned on 20th November, 2021. This Building Complex houses the Provost and College Office wing, teaching and research laboratories, staff offices, College Library, classrooms, lecture auditorium, and mini-drug production unit, among others.
  3. In the short period of inception, the PCN has accredited the College following an accreditation visit in April, 2022.
  4. To strengthen the capacity of lecturers in teaching our students, lecturers in the College were given intensive training on Scientific Teaching and Pedagogy in the College from 6th – 15th July, 2022.
  5. From 19th -23rd September, 2022, the College successfully hosted Drug Discovery Africa 2022 International Conference (focused on building research capacity in the area of drug discovery in Africa). This conference was fully sponsored by the Volksagen Stiftung, Germany, and the resource persons and other participants were drawn from Germany, Nigeria and other sub-Saharan countries. Ghana, Cameroon and Sierra Leone.  


World Pharmacist’s Day

In light of the great importance accorded to Pharmacists and the Pharmacy Profession, a day has been designated worldwide to celebrate their impact on the human race and equip them for the future ahead- the 25th of September (World Pharmacist’s Day). On this assigned date, the person of the Pharmacist and the Pharmacy Profession are highly celebrated, given due recognition, and adorned with the emblem of glory and respect duly deserved.

For years, World Pharmacist’s Day (WPD) has been Celebrated annually. This year(2022); and for the first time in ABUAD the College of Pharmacy, Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD) and the Pharmacy department, ABUAD Multisystem Hospital (AMSH), united and Collaborated to make the celebration (held between 22nd and 25th September 2022) the best ever in the history of the Institution.


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1Mrs. Oluwaseun Temitayo ADESINAAssistant Registrar/Ag. College Officeradesinaot@abuad.edu.ng
2Mr. Ayodeji Seun ASUBIOJOAdministrative Officer IIasubiojoas@abuad.edu.ng
3Mrs. Bamidele Oluwaseun DARAMOLAAdministrative Officer IIdaramolabo@abuad.edu.ng
4Ms. Debbie Oluwaseun OGUNDOLAHigher Executive Officerogundolado@abuad.edu.ng
5Mrs. Theresa Kemi AROWOSEGBEHigher Executive Officerarowosegbetk@abuad.edu.ng
6Mrs. Tawakalitu AKEJUConfidential Secretary Iakejut@abuad.edu.ng
7Mrs.  Kehinde Kafayat  ONIPEDEAssistant Executive Officeronipedekk@abuad.edu.ng
Table showing the College Administrative Staff


The College Dress Code is Lilac Shirt, Black Trouser and Purple Tie/Abuad Tie for male students and Lilac Shirt, Black skirt/Trouser for Female students.

The sample is shown below:

ABUAD Industrial Park