Our Curriculum | ABUAD Peace and Conflict Studies Programmes

  1. incorporates applied skills (process and technical), cross-sectoral coursework, and field-experience opportunities that employers are looking for;
  2. provides a holistic understanding of international conflict, specialized knowledge and skills, practical know-how, and political savvy;
  3. includes special skill-based credit and non-credit courses;
  4. integrates hands-on training through practical institutes and simulations, workshops, and other activities;
  5. combines field practice through internships, practicums, field projects, working groups, assistantships, and field work fellowships (and most with our international and local partners);
  6. provides opportunities for overseas experience (which employers value very much) for volunteering, short courses;
  7. opportunities for scholarships, short/summer programmes, and grants facilitated by our award-winning teaching staff