Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Overview of the BSc Pharmacology programme

The B.Sc. Pharmacology undergraduate programme was established by the NUC with the objective of training middle level manpower in the area of drug development so as to fill in the gaps in the pharmaceutical industry, research institutes, and as trainers in the health sciences and with immediate relevance in faculties of basic medical sciences, faculties of basic clinical sciences, and faculties of pharmacy, school of nursing and other allied health sciences. By the constitution of it, the breadth of the training positions the individual for active participation in the training of healthcare givers whose functions revolve around drug therapy. Importantly also, the research component of the training enables the Nigerian universities to produce the urgently required researchers to work in the area of drug development. The students eventually become: scientists and researchers in health-related industries, skilled health care workers in pharmaceutical industries in the area of drug development, and pharmacology teachers in the University most especially in the school of medicine and schools of pharmacy.