High level student support | ABUAD Peace and Conflict Studies Programmes

High level student support (and a friendly/empowering environment)

  1. Empowering and mutually respectful staff-student relationship;
  2. Assigning each student to a personal tutor who will provide academic, mentoring and career advisory support;
  3. A project supervisor who works with students to hone their research skills;
  4. Annual ABUAD Peace Week Activities aligned with the Annual UN International Day of Peace theme;

Now you have more than enough reasons to opt for the ABUAD Peace and Conflict Studies Programme.

Few more reasons:

The world has moved toward mainstreaming peacebuilding and conflict management into international assistance work.

International peace and conflict management practices increasingly overlap with more traditional work such as human rights, humanitarian issues, development programming.

It’s time you moved with the trend!

CHOOSE Peace and Conflict Studies and soar into an enviable future

We run undergraduate, post-graduate diploma (PGD) and master’s (M.Sc.) programmes

ABUAD Peace and Conflict Studies is interdisciplinary and draw on sociology, history, philosophy, international relations, economics, anthropology, development and psychology. We teach and research peace and conflict from the personal, to local, to the international level.

Our curriculum covers the four key distinctive and definitional areas of the field—

  • What is peace?
  • Onset, nature, and dynamics of conflict
  • Nonviolent and constructive conflict resolution; and
  • Conditions for sustainable peace.

It also exposes student to several professional domains of peace practice, including peacebuilding, conflict resolution, human rights, strategic studies, community/ international/sustainable development, gender advocacy, media, peace education, environmental peace,