Dear Parents/Sponsors/Guardians/Students,

On Monday, 6th February 2023, the Management and Senate of ABUAD deliberated extensively on the proposed Inter-Semester Break that signals the end of the First Semester and the beginning of the 2nd Semester for the 2022/2023 Academic Session.

Consequently, the following decisions were made

  1. That the reviewed academic calendar must be uploaded and circulated appropriately
  2. That there shall be a one-week break from 12th February 2023 to 18th February 2023.
  3. That the students shall be engaged with reasonable social and sport activities that will make the one-week break worthwhile
  4. That students who wish to go home during this one-week break shall be allowed but subject to the following  conditions:
  • The Parent of such a student shall write a letter to the Vice Chancellor through the Provost of the College.
  • Such a Parent shall pick up and return the student personally.
  • Covid-19 and Drug tests shall be carried out on such students at their own expense.
  • Such a student MUST resume on or before Saturday, February 18, 2022.
  • Any student who fails to meet the resumption date shall pay a penalty fee of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) daily. This means that for every day the student is absent from school, he/she pays Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000). 

Contrary to the Management and Senate’s Decision to have a week inter-semester break from 12th February 2023 to 18th February 2023 and to continue with the 2nd Semester from 19th February 2023, the University has received the Ministerial directive through the Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission (NUC) to shut the Universities during the forthcoming general elections from 22nd February 2023 to 14th March 2023.

As a law-abiding University and Community desiring to continue with our unbroken Academic Calendar, we have no alternative than to close down the University by the directives of the NUC Executive Secretary.

Therefore, most regrettably, we are requesting the students to go home from Friday, 9th February till 18th February 2023 and resume on the 15th March 2023.

The close down of the University cuts across all academic strategic units (Full-time and Part-Time Undergraduate, Open Distance Learning, Postgraduate and Business School)

Course Registration for 2nd Semester full-time undergraduate shall be done during this break online while the first continuous assessment for the 2nd Semester shall be conducted in-person between Monday, 21st March 2023 to Friday, 25th March 2023.

Covid-19 and Drug tests shall be carried out on all students at a cost

It is vitally important that any student who has not fulfilled his/her financial obligation shall not be allowed to resume back for the 2nd Semester.

All other information shall be communicated to you accordingly.

While expressing our deepest concern for this sudden change in the Academic Calendar posed by the forthcoming general elections, kindly ensure that you are safe and sound during this break and exercise your franchise wisely.

Click here to download the approved reviewed 2022/2023 Academic Calendar

Thank you.