ABUAD Peace and Conflict Studies Programmes

Our Admission Requirements


Excellent teaching/staff

Partnership with practitioner organisations

High level student support and a friendly/empowering environment

Afe Babalola University is currently the only conventional Nigerian University offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Peace and Conflict Studies. We offer B.Sc. Peace and Conflict Studies at the undergraduate and PGD and M.Sc. degrees in Conflict Peace and Strategic Studies at the postgraduate levels. We are one of the best staffed Peace and Conflict Studies Programme in Africa. Our staff are experts in different areas of Peace and Conflict Studies.


Why YOU should choose ABUAD Peace and Conflict Studies

Our programmes prepare our students for dream careers in International Peace and Conflict Management including humanitarian responses, human right, gender advocacy, community development, peacebuilding, governance, media (conflict sensitive reporting), peace education, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), law, and more (for a fuller listing).

Our graduate will work in organisations such as the United Nations—UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNESCO, World Bank, WHO, World Food Programme,—African Union, ECOWAS, USAID, German GTI, Action Aid, Saferworld, Oxfam, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, Norwegian Refugee Council, UK DFID, British Council, Norway NORAD, NDDC, Niger Delta Ministry, all military, intelligence and security agencies and other choice organisations both home and abroad.


How do we achieve this?

Drawing from findings from scientific studies across the globe, we have identified specific knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) that are highly desirable in graduates, particularly, graduate of Peace and Conflict Studies. We therefore equip our students with these employer-demanded knowledge, skills, and abilities to make them highly competitive in global employment market.

Experience has shown that most graduates are unemployable because they lack requisite competencies that employer desire in today’s world of work. This is largely due to the fact that most higher education curriculum fails to develop these competencies in the graduates. To ensure that our graduates do not suffer this fate, we have designed our curriculum to equip our students with requisite skills to be highly successful in their chosen careers. That is why, while equipping them with academic and intellectual competencies, we also offer our students specialised capacity building trainings on competencies that we know are in high demand in today’s work place such as:


Year 1 Basic Training:

1st Semester: Academic Skills Acquisition Programme (ASAP),

2nd Semester: Computer skills (intro to MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), Basic writing skills


Year 2-3 Intermediate Training:

Analytical writing, public speaking, internet communication and information retrieval from online sources, and critical thinking


Year 4 Advanced Training: Networking (building and using social capital for personal and professional success), lobbying, analytical, critical thinking and research skills.

We also offer opportunities for internationally-recognized Professional Certification Courses in:

Mediation, Arbitration, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment.

Furthermore, we expose our students to online certification courses from relevant and reputable organisations. We introduce them to useful networks and expose them to opportunities that advance their academic and professional cause and give them an edge over the competition. Our students thus maximise their time on the programme by acquiring capacities that make them hot cakes in the employment market. And we do it in a friendly, practice-oriented environment. There is never a dull moment with us!


Our 4-pronged KSAs-Equipment Strategy