ABUAD Multi-System Hospital Renal Dialysis Centre Celebrates World Kidney Day.


Having recognized the growing prevalence of kidney disease and the increasing demand for hemodialysis treatment globally, the Nephrology unit of AMSH was established to offer a world class renal care services for patients with kidney disease.  The centre was recently upgraded and expanded with state of the art haemodialysis machines to accommodate more patients both for routine haemodialysis and patient with special needs.

 ABOUT OUR SERVICES.  Our goal is to give our patient good quality of life through our dedicated staff and advancement in renal care.

  • 24hours services
  • Acute / Emergency Haemodialysis Services
  • Maintenance /Chronic Haemodialysis Services (Out-patient facilities)
  • Haemodialysis for HIV, HCV and HBV positive cases
  • In house consultation with experienced Nephrologist/kidney specialist
  • In-Centre private Haemodialysis service
  • Haemodialysis Training
  • Dialysis Vascular Access Surgeries (Temporary access/ Permanent Access)
  • Kidney focused health education
  • Kidney Dietary counselling
  • General counselling and support to kidney patients and patients' relatives

Enquiries: 07032566831, 08037180715, 08088137062, 08033682681

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Click the link below to read and see the facilities available at the ABUAD Multi-System Hospital Renal Dialysis Centre that were used to celebrate the World Kidney Day.

World Kidney Day Facts, Highlights and Facilities