It is an indisputable fact that private universities, nowadays, have gained the upper hand in all indices of qualitative academic standards in Nigeria. The reasons for this are obvious: Public institutions continue to be plagued with such maladies as incessant strike actions, cultism and drug use and abuse. Moreover, there is considerable decline in government funding of public university. The effect of this development is that the qualitative educational foundation which I enjoyed and which served the cause of Nigeria before independence is no longer available to youths of today.

Having been in education for quite a while, I know as a fact that education is on the decline in Nigeria. This development sparked my decision to establish the Afe Babalola University as a charitable organization without any profit to me.

Afe Babalola University students will experience the best in qualitative and functional education without interruption in academic programme which are designed to make them leaders in their disciplines, self reliant and, more importantly, to enable them positively affect the moral outlook of their society.

Lecturers as well as other categories of staff will, in turn, function in an environment conducive for pleasurable performance and responsibilities. Their salaries will be based on performance and productivity thus eliminating the menace of protracted strike actions which has continued to plague public institutions in the country.

The appointment as a member of staff of the Afe Babalola University should, therefore, be taken as a rare privilege. The university looks forward to maximum cooperation, devotion to duty and all that will make university achieve her laudable objectives.

Please go through this handbook which contains vital information and instructions that will assist you to enjoy an extremely pleasant stay and a most rewarding service at the University.

I heartily welcome all members of staff to a unique experience in their determination to render also a unique service to a university that has raised the bar in academics and character for other Universities to emulate in this country.

Wishing every member of staff a fruitful and fulfilling career as you join the service of a University with a vision in motion.

OFR, CON, SAN, LL.D (Lond.), LL.D(Unilag) FCI.ARB
Founder & Chancellor

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