All students and staff of Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD) who qualified for or have been found qualified for any of the underlisted scholarships and/ or financial reward or financial assistance are advised to supply the following information to on or before the 31st of December, 2014.


Information to be furnished by the Applicant

i.                   Name (state title where applicable)

ii.                 Address

iii.              Course of Study

iv.               Department

v.                 College

vi.               Matric number (where applicable)

vii.            State of origin

viii.          Description of scholarship, financial reward or financial assistance


Types of Scholarships, Financial Reward and Financial Assistance

i.                   Scholarship/ Awards for University Scholars:

-         Students with 5.0 CGPA in the 2013/14 session – N500,000

-         Students with 4.8 – 4.99 CGPA – N200,000

-         Students with 4.5 – 4.79 CGPA – N100,000


ii.                 Merit Award for Students (N100,000 each):

-         Most disciplined student

-         Best dressed student

-         Outstanding student leader

-         Sportsman of the year

-         Sportswoman of the year

-         User of cleanest toilet (male)

-         User of cleanest toilet (female)

NB: Contact the Vice Chancellor or Registrar


iii.              Merit Award for Lecturers (N200,000 each)

-         Best dressed Lecturer 2014

-         Most disciplined Lecturer 2014

-         Lecturer of the year 2014

-         Most Engaged Lecturer, 2014

-         Most Punctual Lecturer, 2014

-         Most Persevering Lecturer, 2014

-         Most Outstanding non-Teaching Staff, 2014

-         Most dutiful non-Teaching Staff, 2014

NB: Contact the Vice Chancellor or Registrar


iv.               Students Studying Agriculture

-         50% reduction in tuition fee for new students

-         Work and study benefits/ entitlement


v.                 College Awards

-         Each college has a long list of financial award for students.

-         Contact Provost of each college for particulars of different financial rewards given by different donors to students and ascertain the ones applicable to you.


vi.               Award for students who lost parent or guardian while schooling in ABUAD

-         Give particulars and details of the award relevant and applicable to you.


vii.            Award for indigent students

-         State particulars of the award due to you.


viii.          Financial assistance for teachers for Educational Advancement

-         Give particulars of assistance granted on 2013-2014

ix.               Scholarships and Awards for Students and Teachers by companies who are admirers of ABUAD

-         Collect particulars from the registry for available scholarships for ABUAD students and teachers.




Note: Award ceremony will take place in January, 2014. The exact date will be published on University website.

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