The University received a circular from the Federal Government via the National Universities Commission (NUC) with the reference number NUC/ES/138/VOL.63/9 dated 20th March, 2020 titled “MANAGEMENT OF THE CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) PANDEMIC”. The Senate held an emergency meeting to discuss the issues contained in the circular.

At its emergency Senate Meeting held on Friday, 20th March, 2020, the Senate regrets that NUC took the decision to close down all Universities including Private Universities without calling the authorities of the Universities to an emergency meeting to discuss the grave issues of closure of Universities.

The Senate, in-spite of the above observation, decided that:
1. all University academic and other activities be suspended for one month from Monday, 23rd March, 2020 as directed by NUC;
2. Students are, therefore, advised to immediately vacate the University premises and await further directives from the University Senate in due course;
3. Students are requested to print out this letter from their portal which will be duly stamped by their Provosts or any designated Officers of the University and a copy shall be submitted at the University gate;
4. Parents are advised to make immediate arrangements to pick their wards from the University and ensure that the driver(s) are also free of COVID-19 virus;
5. The University is confident that all our University students are free of COVID-19 before leaving the University due to the safe and clean environment in our University including all precautionary measures, we have put in place to guarantee safety and health of our students;
6. Parents are advised to keep their wards safe and healthy during the forced holiday, and
7. Whenever the University resumes, all students will be, however, subjected to Medical Examination at their expense as we have always done.

Meanwhile, the staff and students wherever they are, are therefore, strongly advised to adhere strictly to all precautionary measures such as we have put in place in the University and as stipulated by World Health Organisation (WHO) in order to avoid exposure to and contact with the virus.

Any inconveniences caused by this sudden suspension of academic activities at the directives of Federal Ministry of Education (FMOE)and National Universities Commission (NUC) is highly regretted.

Thank you.


Lady Christie Oluborode
Registrar and Secretary to Council.