Yeye Aare Modupe Babalola,FSM,FNIMN
  • Vice Chairman

Yeye Aare Modupe Babalola,FSM,FNIMN

Royal Family Background.

Yeye Aare Modupe Babalola was born into the Royal Family of Oba Elewokun, the late famous Olowo of Owo in Ondo State more than six decades ago. Her mother, whom God endowed with a discerning mind, knew that the child was special and would create a niche for herself in life and would be a source of joy to others.   In gratitude to God, her parents named her Modupe. The mother was a nurse and a good disciplinarian who inculcated good home training and moral scruples in her children.


She attended Saint Michael Primary School, Owo where she excelled academically and finished with Primary School Leaving Certificate. She sought and got admission into Mount Carmel Grammar School, Ikare-Akoko, a prestigious girls secondary school, and passed her School Certificate Examination with flying colours. In furtherance of her education, she attended Oshogbo Grammar School for two years and obtained her Advanced Level Certificate (A Level) with distinctions. Later, she combined work and studies in Ibadan to obtain first and higher degrees from tertiary institutions.

Work Experience.

Her brilliance in school was easily noticeable and as such she secured a teaching appointment at Ikirun after her A Level. Subsequently, she worked with the Western Region Ministry of Information, Lagos and later came back to Ibadan. Her experience at the Ministry of Information, hard work and brilliance made her to excel above other applicants to secure a job as a Librarian at the Federal Polytechnic, Ibadan. After many years of meritorious service, she retired voluntarily from the Polytechnics. Thereafter, she devoted her time to her family and to her private business.


Yeye Aare Modupe Afe Babalola is a charming, unassuming, beautiful, hard-working and brilliant lady. These are the qualities a responsible suitor wants in a bride. Her husband, Aare Afe Babalola BSc, LL.B, FFPA, FNIALS, FCL.Arb, LL.D, SAN, OFR, CON, FNIMN an erudite and responsible lawyer, who would go for the best at any time, saw these qualities in her several years ago and humbly requested for a holy matrimony.   The marriage is blessed with many children who have excelled academically and professionally, in fact they hold higher degrees from world class universities including Harvards.

Being a woman of good home training with sound Christian tenets, she brought up her children with good moral values and ethics that have made them become humble, reliable and trustworthy adults who go about their life endeavours with zeal and success. She is also a pillar of support and inspiration to her husband in his legal profession, philanthropic works and social engineering.

Business Engagement and Philanthropy.

Yeye Aare Modupe Afe Babalola is an entrepreneur who has run many successful businesses in Nigeria and Overseas. She has provided employment opportunities to many Nigerians. She is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ABUAD Ventures, Chairperson, ABUAD Integrated Resources and the Vice-President, Board of Trustees of Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD).

She believes and engages in giving to others in abundance like her caring husband. She is a member of many National and International Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) including Food Aid International that cares for widows and orphans. She is the President of Fountain of Hope International that supports the poor and less privileged. She is like a mother to the students of Afe Babalola University. Her generosity and kindness are peerless to students and staff.

Christian Education and Devotion.

Yeye Aare has the understanding that the word of God is a strong tower and a deep knowledge of the Bible is a strength for Christians. Therefore she enrolled for Theological education in Ibadan and obtained, at different times, Diplomas in Theology at WOCOM Bible College and Gethsemane Prayer School. She loves prayers and praises to the Almighty God.


Her philanthropic work and support for her husband has been highly noticeable to all and sundry. She has been conferred with the following titles, among others.

  • Yeye Fiwajoye of Ado-Ekiti.
  • Yeye Balogun of Mobaland.
  • Yeye Bamofin of Aramoko-Ekiti
  • The Woman Icon of 2011 (by Iconic Women International).
  • Yeye Aare Bamofin of Yoruba Empire
  • Fellow, Institute of Strategic Management Nigeria, ISMN
  • Fellow, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, NIMN


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