I welcome you all to the “Fastest growing Private University” in Nigeria, nay, in Africa.  I assure you that your choice of ABUAD would be one of the wisest decisions of your life.  In ABUAD, we nurture our students in the best standards, not only academically, but also morally. It will be in your own interest and to your advantage to cooperate with the University Management and adhere strictly to the legitimate way of life in ABUAD.  I lay emphasis on legitimate because there are other ways.  However, only bad students would opt for those other ways.  It is my hope and wish that all of you will follow the legitimate way.

Academic excellence without morals is nothing.  Good character combined with academic excellence will make you to go places.

I am happy that majority of you were at the Orientation Service yesterday, Sunday, 3rd September.  You heard the Pastor’s sermon.  For the benefit of those who were not at the Service, and for the sake of emphasis, my address touches some of what he preached about and many more.  I have segmented this address into the following broad headings:

  1. Time Management
  2. Dressing Code
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Security Consciousness
  5. Choice of Friends
  6. Respect for Constituted Authorities

Time Management

This is very important as we all know that “Punctuality is the soul of business.”  There are only 24 hours to a day; if broken down to minutes, we have 1,440 minutes.  In other words, 86,400 seconds, every one of which counts.  Within these, every day, you have to wash yourself, eat, dress up, go to lectures, recreate (that is exercise yourself and rest), go to the Library, attend meetings, tutorials and sleep.  The idea here is that you do not linger on one activity to the detriment of others.

Under Time Management, I have brought in Punctuality.  As I said earlier on, punctuality is the soul of business.  You have to be punctual (that is, timely) to lectures, tutorials, meetings, congresses, group discussions, church or mosque programmes (depending on your religious inclination), sporting activities, etc.  Once you let this become a habit, you are not likely to get on the wrong side of Management.

 Dressing Code

You have been informed of the dressing code in the prospectus, on ABUAD website, and I am sure, at the beginning of this Orientation Programme.  You must have heard of the saying: “You are addressed by the way you are dressed.”  Yes, the way you dress most times attracts either the good or the wrong people or reaction to you and vice-versa.  Here in ABUAD, we have dress codes for attending lectures, hostel wear, sporting activities and so on.  You will do well to obey the dress code so as not to be sanctioned and subsequently lag behind in your time management.  For emphasis, the dressing code says:

  • College of Law students – White over black
  • College of Medicine and Health Sciences students – Red or any shade of red over black
  • College of Engineering students – Green or any shade of green over black
  • College of Social and Management Sciences students – Sky blue over black
  • College of Sciences students – Cream over black
  • Jeans of any type are not allowed for any official engagements
  • No crazy hair styles are allowed
  • No beards and sideburns allowed for the boys; and no spray of lady’s hair styles into any colour.


Cleanliness is not limited to the sweeping of the floor, laying of bed, dressing neatly and moderately, brushing of your teeth and mouth, having regular baths, cutting and trimming of finger nails; it also includes presenting your work and class assignment and other things in neat and orderly manner.  People who are dirty are mostly awkward and attract sicknesses and criticisms to themselves.  Sicknesses, dangerous animals, reptiles and bad people do not like clean environments, so we must adopt cleanliness if we are good people.

Security Consciousness

We are all aware that in any gathering of more than 2 or 3 persons, bad and evil people are likely to be present.  It is for us, therefore, to be vigilant and point such people to Security personnel and Management at all times.  Anytime we observe strange movements, behaviours and persons in our vicinity, we have to report to designated persons who have to take appropriate actions.  In the hostels, report to the Porters, Security Guards and the Students Affairs Officer and/or any of his aides.  In the lecture rooms or halls, report to your lecturers or other members of staff (teaching or non-teaching).  It is wrong for you to phone to your parents before informing us on the campus.

Choice of Friends

All of us know that evil manners corrupt good communication.  Peer influence is rampant among youths.  You have to choose who you befriend, male or female, with a lot of caution.  We all should know that we are judged by the company we keep.  If you walk with an armed robber, you are automatically an armed robber yourself.  Be guided and remember that you are in ABUAD to study and excel in your academic pursuit.  Or are you here to befriend bad and evil people who could truncate your stay and life in ABUAD?

Respect for Constituted Authorities

An axiom says that “When you are in Rome, behave like the Romans."  When you join any society, club, gathering or community, there are always rules and regulations guiding the relationship and interactions in such places.  We all know that when there are no rules or laws, there are no sins.  In ABUAD, we have humane rules and regulations.  I call them humane because they are not draconic; they are only put in place in order to help you live well in harmony.  You have barely 48 or 60 months to endure all our rules and regulations before you become men and women of your own.  Strict compliance of all these would make better citizens out of you.

If any of your mates offends you, report him or her to any member of staff.  Please, do not take laws into your own hand.  Do not result to ‘jungle justice.’  We have both Student Disciplinary Committee and Staff Disciplinary Committee.  Both Committees have men and women of impeccable characters as members.  So, do not be afraid that you will not get justice by reporting anyone who misbehaves to the rightful authority.

All members of staff – junior, senior, academic and non-academic – should be respected and obeyed at all times.  They should be regarded as your aunties, uncles and parents.  They are closest to you here.  Even if you call your biological parents, they cannot come to your assistance spontaneously; it would take at least a couple of hours to get to you physically.  Therefore, you must be cordial and respectful to all our members of staff in order to get the best from them to build your characters and behaviours.


All grounds cannot be covered in only one meeting or gathering.  I am sure as time goes on, we shall get to know one another better.  I wish you all success in your studies, and a cordial and rewarding relationship with one another.

God bless you all.

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