Afe Babalola University is a 21st Century model University. This means that the University understands the importance of science and technology in the development of the human race especially in the face of present global challenges. The University has four well equipped undergraduate research laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and ICT Laboratory; three Post-Graduate Research Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, respectively. There is also established the Post-Graduate Multi-disciplinary Research Laboratory. The aim of the University is to change the misfortune of Africa as the continent with the least contribution to scientific and technological out-put. The University is intended to be a continental research hub for Africa. For this purpose, modalities are being worked out for collaborations with leading research institutes in developed and developing countries.

The University also understands the importance of Information and Communication Technology in this Information/Knowledge Age. Its ICT Laboratory is well equipped to provide for research and practical training of students in Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology. There are over 100 computers, each installed with application software used in the teaching and understanding of important computer programs like java, C++, Visual Basic, etc. Collaborations are also being worked out with professional IT companies for industrial training of the students and for professional certifications.

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