Invitation to apply for an ACU Titular Fellowship
Professional and academic staff of ACU member institutions are invited to apply for the 2017 round of ACU Titular Fellowships. The fellowships provide funding of up to GBP 5000 to enable a member of staff from one ACU member university to travel to a member institution in another country, for a collaborative research or fact-finding visit of up to six months.

Before applying, interested individuals will need to identify and make contact with a potential collaborator at the host institution and submit a plan for their visit.

The fellowships on offer are:

Fellowships which are not tied to a specific subject area are tenable in any of the following fields: education, health and related social sciences, information technology, STEM subjects, sustainable development, and university development and management.

Full details of all fellowships and the link to the application form can be found on We hope you will share this opportunity with your colleagues.

Applications close on Friday 12 May at 23:59 BST.

Kind regards,

Terri Jacques
Senior Scholarships and Fellowships Officer

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