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ABUAD has several academic and non-academic publication outlets. The academic outlets include the ABUAD Multi-disciplinary Journal which focuses on multi-disciplinary approach to current research problems. This journal is published three times a year. It attracts high profile and well-researched articles subjected to anonymous peer review mechanism. Publication in this journal is open to both ABUAD and non-ABUAD academic scholars. Call for articles are usually advertised both on the internet and the print media.

Each College also has its own college journal where research outputs in the various colleges and outside are published. Call for articles for the college journals will soon commence.

There is also ABAUD Newsletter which provides the medium for informing the general public about current issues and events on campus, the various high profile visits from around the world to the University. The new letter is published monthly and is very exciting to read. Interested members of the public can subscribe for a free on-line copy of each edition by sending a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Such persons will also be required to fill in a form provided below.

Apart from the various University publications there are also various student publications emanating from different student groups. the students are encouraged to form student associations with meaningful programmes and activities that will enable them develop relevant academic, social and leadership skills.