Welcome to the Counselling Centre

As the new academic year commences, the staff of the Counselling Centre welcomes you to campus. Whether you are a new or returning student, somehow  the new session brings with it a bit of anticipation and excitement for the year ahead.

We encourage you to fully embrace the diverse array of opportunities to learn, grow and become engaged in our campus community.  Create balance in your life by investing in your academic work as well as becoming involved with meaningful co-curricular activities.  Enjoy meeting new people and re-connecting with friends.   Take time for your studies ...  also find time to relax and to contribute to our community through student leadership opportunities.

Enjoy the new beginnings and know we are here to support you along the way!

Counselling is here to help you in many ways to have a successful year. We focus on three major areas:

  • Personal Counselling- help with stress, relationships, procrastination and more
  • Career Development- explore career possibilities, choosing the right course of study, discover your interests, style, skills and passion, etc.
  • Academic Success - get better grades, study more efficiently, get more sleep!

Here are some of the ways we can be of assistance:

  • Highly-trained and caring counsellors, knowledgeable about student concerns and ways to help. (Did you know the 4 most common concerns that students seek counselling for are depression, anxiety, self-esteem and stress?)
  • An on-call counsellor available each day for initial intake sessions. These can be booked or there are drop-in times (available on a first-come first-serve basis).
  • Lots and lots of excellent workshops on topics all the way from  Tools for Overcoming Procrastination to Choosing a Major and Life After Graduation.
  • Resources on the Web – discover the 7 Habits of Successful Students, Exam Skills Workbook, Career Decision-Making Strategies, and more!

For help and assistance, contact the Guidiance Counsellor on +234 802 6581 940.

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