Aster group collaborates with ABUADTH to end medical tourism

The Technical Partners of ABUAD Multi System Hospital, Aster DM Healthcare of Dubai, Aster Group of Hospitals and Clinics will collaborate with Afe Babalola University Teaching Hospital, ABUADTH, by donating a multi-million Naira Telemedicine Equipment.

The Chief Executive Officer of Aster DM Healthcare of Dubai, Dr. Harisha Pillai, said: “With this donation, ABUAD Multi System Hospital will be able to engage in Tele Consulting, Tele Diagnosis and Tele Management which translates to the fact that a patient could be in front of the Telemedicine equipment in Ado-Ekiti and doctors in Dubai would be able to diagnose what is wrong with him/her and advise on the appropriate treatment in the right dosage.”

Pillai said his group was in Nigeria at the request of the Founder of Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD), Aare Afe Babalola, to deploy the best medical personnel to the hospital and also render training to those manning the hospital.

The ASTER boss said: “We have a plan to collaborate with Nigerian doctors here and to train nurses and to make ABUADTH self-sufficient in human resources.

We congratulate Aare Afe Babalola for making this health facility available. We will deploy our Chief Operating Officer here within a month.  You know this hospital is located on a highway and we will train the personnel in trauma care, neurosurgical services, among others. “We also plan to bring pediatric surgeons here so that Nigerian children will no longer be taken abroad for life-saving surgeries. “Our role is to assist the local personnel to grow on the job and in five years time, patients from other parts of Africa will be coming home here.”

In his remarks, Babalola said: “Their (Aster Group’s) consultants will come here periodically and in the process  minimise  the amount paid abroad as medical expenses.” “A patient, who spends an average of N5 million going overseas, will get treatment here at a cheaper rate.  With this, we are bringing quality healthcare to the doorsteps of our people”, he added.

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