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At inception, on 4th January, 2010 the University admitted students into the College of Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences being one of the pioneer Colleges and Departments of the University. The session ran smoothly without hitches from 4th January to August 2010. The second session of the university started on October 4th 2010 with over 1,000 students.
So far the University has maintained strict compliance with its academic calendar which makes it possible for students to pre-determine their possible date of completion of their programmes even before enrolment. It has been the policy of the University to post on-line students’ results within 24hours of approval by the Senate.

The current academic programmes in the Department of Biological Sciences are listed below:
Department of Biological Sciences
1. B.Sc. Biology
2. B.Sc. Microbiology

Courses are categorized as follows:

  1.  Compulsory Courses: Students must register for and pass before graduation.
  2.  Elective: Courses students may offer and passed to obtain the minimum units required for graduation. Such courses are normally selected from within or outside the programme with the approval of the department.
  3.  Required Course: A course specified by a programme which a student shall take and pass.
  4.  Pre-requisite Courses: Courses students must take and pass before taking another specified courses
  5.  Institutional Courses: Courses whose knowledge is essential for the preparation of Afe Babalola University for future employment after graduation.
  6.  Carry over Courses: On the account of any failure by a student to satisfy a pass requirement in any course, such student will be required to repeat only the course/courses the following academic session or re-write the prescribed examination in such course at the end of the academic session.
  7.  Students carrying over courses shall not be allowed to register for more than the approved maximum number of credit for the semester.