UNESCO Chair on Peace and Citizenship (ABUAD)

The Agreement consists of 17 articles covering establishment of the Chair, purpose of the Chair, appointment of the Co-Chairholders, inclusion of staff and students in the Chair, etc. However, here are a few that are relevant to our immediate activities.
Article 2
The purpose of the Chair shall be to promote an integrated system of research, training, information and documentation on peace and citizenship. It will facilitate collaboration between high-level, internationally-recognized researchers and teaching staff of the University and other institutions in Nigeria, as well as elsewhere in Africa, Asia and the Pacific regions, and in other regions of the world.
The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  1. Undertake empirical research on peace, conflict prevention and resolution with a view to better assess the challenges to promoting active citizenship and provide recommendations for improvement, in particular, in formal and non-formal settings;
  2. Help enhance the institutional capacity of relevant national and regional
    stakeholders involved in conflict prevention/resolution, and the
    development and promotion of active citizenship, notably among young
    women and men including, but not limited to, within education institutions:
  3. Promote effective and active citizenship for peaceful and inclusive societies, notably through the development of curriculum, education and awareness raising tools as well as IT applications, to enhance access to information and citizenship education for women and vulnerable groups. Moreover, contribute to mainstreaming global citizenship in higher education;
  4. Contribute jointly with relevant community-based organizations, NGOs and higher education institutions on the formulation and implementation of effective policies for active citizenship;
  5. Promote networking, partnership and collaboration among national,
    regional and international stakeholders involved in peace-building and
    related fields, and facilitate the exchange of ideas on the teaching of
    econometrics, civics, participative democracy, and citizenship and peace. For this purpose organize seminars, workshops and conferences, produce publications, and disseminate research results; and,
  6. Cooperate closely with UNESCO and other UNESCO Chairs on relevant
    programmes and activities.
    Article 4
    The Chair shall consist of the Chairholder and the necessary teaching personnel, researchers and students required to carry out the specific training research and outreach activities of the Chair.
    Article 6
    The University shall grant the Chair the facilities necessary to conduct academic research and training activities in the field of peace and citizenship and to disseminate their results online.